Linkedin Profile Writing

Your LinkedIn profile is extremely important when pursuing a career change and building a personal brand that reflects your coherence with your new position. We specialise in building impactful profiles that open new opportunities and effectively sell you and your accomplishments to the 90% of recruiters that use the platform.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Step 1: Essential information builder

You will be asked to fill out a short document that tells us your objectives on LinkedIn. We want to know if you have established branding or if you’re open to our suggestions. We want to find out what differentiates you from other candidates so that we can provide you with the most tailored document possible.

Step 2: Our expertise

From the information provided in your CV added to what we garner from the builder document, your writer will craft a professional online profile. We will work with you and consider the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure that your profile contains keywords that recruiters search for and will place your profile at the top of search results.

Step 3: Utilising the platform

You will receive tailored insights into how to add impactful value to your profile, or your dedicated writer can update the changes directly in LinkedIn. We go beyond enhancing your profile by providing the opportunity to engage in a long-term LinkedIn strategy to make the most of the platform.

What makes In Touch’s LinkedIn services different?

Our passion for supporting business leaders –  Our work with hiring organisations provides us with key knowledge and information of what businesses are looking for and will assist you to communicate this effectively.

Tailored, targeted profilesOur writers ensure your accomplishments are effectively communicated and relative to the role you are targeting. We consistently update our knowledge of how organisations are using the platform to find candidates, utilising this in our service to secure your profile at the top of searches and increase your visibility.

Writers who work with you Your assigned LinkedIn writer will use a forward-thinking, achievement-focused approach to capture relevant and useful information. We understand that each journey is unique and reflect your accomplishments to ensure your profile stands out and is interpreted with your true value.

Looking for more information?

Book a consultation with one of our in-house development directors to find out more about our services, and how they can help aid your career progression.