Gold Coaching

Cost: £4,995
Length: 6 Months

Our Gold coaching programme enables senior-professionals to reach their career aspirations with the support of our world-class coaches.  The journey starts with  psychometric profiling and an in-depth assessment of  personal strengths and development needs. Working collaboratively and on a one-to-one basis with an ILM accredited coach, you will explore, examine, and evaluate and be able to define your abilities and refine actions towards transformation allowing you to be a more effective leader and move forward in your career with confidence and clarity.  

Our coaching process

Getting the perfect match

Through a number of psychometric profiles - Thomas PPA, Learning Type Measurement, Thomas TEIQue and Career Drivers - alongside completion of a client coaching profile, we ensure your dedicated coach is aligned with you and your unique goals.

Flexible coaching sessions

After an initial feedback session, clients will receive seven 90 minute virtual coaching sessions, a regular coaching call to assess their progress and a workbook to be completed as you work through the programme. Your coach will work collaboratively with you to produce effective strategies built into a detailed action plan. This will equip you with the clarity to forge a strong presence on a board, or within an executive team, and could transform your approach and mindset.

Brand Enhancement & Profiling

In addition to your coach helping you to identify your goals, our acclaimed writing services team will work with you to enhance your most important pieces of job search collateral - your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Tailored Engagements

Clients work with coaches for a variety of reasons, which is why we ensure we are flexible and can mould your sessions and coaching objectives around your bespoke requirements. Whether you would like to focus on interview preparation or want to zone in on particular ways to boost resilience, your coach can tailor the sessions to deliver to your needs.

Ongoing Support

At In Touch, we are with you every step of the way when you sign up as one of our coaching clients. Whether you are in need of some quick tips from your coach, some advice from our writing team to support your job search or just a simple customer care query, our dedicated team is just a phone call or email away.

About the course

Using profiling and psychometrics, we carefully match our clients with a highly experienced coach with appropriate sector understanding and with whom we think you’ll connect. To get the full benefit of one-to-one coaching you may need to be encouraged out of your comfort zone and challenged to shift the way you do things. That is why the trust and rapport between your coach and you are key.

Our coaching package offers much more than collaborative sessions. We also include psychometric profiling, 360 feedback, unlimited communications with your coach and full access to CPD accredited video training modules. This means you are able to have an holistic view and see tangible benefit from the outset.


Performance enhancement: Embark on your career transition with complete confidence and achieve your personal goals and objectives at an accelerated rate 

Personal progression: Determine which milestones are required for your unique career progression journey in a detailed action plan

Clearer understanding: Reflect on what you have already achieved and deepen your understanding of what else needs to be completed to get to where you want to be

Work on Improving personal brand: Enhance your CV and LinkedIn for a stellar personal brand

Support: Harness the valuable knowledge and insights of your coach and ensure you think of them as your trusted advisor throughout this shorter process


Looking for more information?

Secure a consultation with one of our in house development directors to find out more about our services, and how they can help aid your career progression.