Become A Coach

Cost: £3495
Length: 12 months

Corporate Coach International

Become an ILM-7 certified coach and gain the practical skills required to launch your own coaching business
Advanced Coaching School

Cost: £3495
Length: 12 months


Cost: £3495
Length: 12 months

About the course

Corporate Coach International provides a structured learning environment that enables experienced business professionals to develop the key skills to coach individuals at a senior and strategic level.

This intensive experience provides insight and self-reflection through a variety of learning modalities to increase knowledge about individual differences and leadership contributions. This ILM Level 7 certified programme provides the specialist skills base to engage even the most senior of leaders. Our range of course dates and times provide the flexibility to learn weekdays, evenings or weekends.

What You Will Learn

Gain the highest level of ILM accreditation
Learn the most widely accepted models of coaching & gain comprehensive, industry-recognised skills through both practical and theoretical approaches to coaching
Expertly created, curated and delivered
Created by Ros Taylor, award-winning coach and psychologist, CCI is delivered by expert, highly-trained facilitators with vast commercial experience
Taking the classroom to the boardroom
Unlike many courses, CCI is delivered not by academics but rather from a commercial perspective, allowing you to offer maximum value to your clients
Launch your own coaching business
Corporate Coach International provides you with all learning resources and support you need to kickstart your coaching practice. Our online modules guide you through factors to consider when establishing your own business and provide a step by step guide on how to start securing paid clients.

Proven results, time & again

84 %
Reported their coaching provided a return on investment
91 %
Reported their coaches were effective
84 %
Reported coaching had improved their working relationships
98 %
Reported they would recommend to a colleague or friend
course testimonial
The CCI training team is truly inspiring and supportive. The course blends fascinating theory and practice, enabling us to increase our self-awareness and emotional intelligence and also practice skills. I know my fellow participants really appreciate the course too; it feels like everyone helps and learns from each other on our journey together. I'm a huge fan of both the course and the group experience.

CCI Programme Structure

Module 1 : Learn the skills of coaching and mentoring

In module one, you will gain an understanding of the essential skills required of a coach or mentor, from knowledge of the different coaching models and theories of communication to codes of practice and contracts

  • Similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Overview of coaching
  • Ethics in coaching and confidentiality
  • Introduction to the CREATE model
  • Current theories and models of communication to include emotional intelligence and empathy
  • SWOT analysis plan for your personal coaching skills
  • Assessment and evaluation to include the use of psychometrics in coaching
  • Reflection on your ability as a coach and learning from the module
Module 2: Learn about the practice and business of coaching

In module two, you will explore how to practice the coaching methods you’ve learned with clients, how to create a plan and design coaching sessions, and how to assess and evaluate a client’s strengths and weaknesses through psychometric assessments.

  • Nature and behaviour of change
  • Learning the ITEA – (Impact, Thoughts, Emotion and Action methodology
  • Use of assessments in coaching
  • The ROI of coaching
  • Coaching case studies
  • Planning the coaching engagement
  • Record keeping reflective practice and peer monitoring
  • Creating the plan and designing coaching sessions
  • Reflection on your ability as a coach and learning from the module
Module 3: Leadership and coaching

In module three, you will learn how to put strong leadership into practice and assess your abilities as a coach. You will also undertake your practical coaching practice and supervision, leading to your ILM 7 certification. ul>

  • Leadership for change
  • Strategic leadership
  • Your leadership profile
  • Confident leadership
  • PAC model
  • Supervision & observation
  • Reflection on your ability as a coach and learning from the module
Module 4: Prepare To Launch

Segment 1 -Starting a business
• Forming a business & discovering the right brand for you
• Choosing a name & logo for your business
• Creating your business email

Segment 2 – Selling your services & acquiring clients
• Business development
• Self promotion & networking
• References & referrals
• Corporate vs individual selling
• Practical tips for your business

Segment 3 – Coaching for success
• Individual vs corporate clients
• Confidentiality, trading terms & conditions
• Handling cancellations
• Coaching supervision & development

Become A Coach

Cost: £3495
Length: 12 months

Designed With Your Career In Mind

During The Course

  • CCI provides an intensive experience offering insight and self-reflection through a variety of learning modalities, to give you the most comprehensive training available
  • Increase your knowledge about individual difference and leadership contribution & gain the specialist skills needed to work with high-achieving professionals
  • You will gain your qualified status at your own pace - In Touch supports you fully for 12 months, giving you the time and space to get the most from the programme
  • A diverse and engaging approach to learning will see you enjoy practical coaching practice alongside the theory and models which dominate many other courses

After The Course

  • Upon completion, you will hold an ILM Level 7 certification - the highest level achievable by any coaching professional
  • Establish your coaching profile, The business-focused approach of our facilitators will give you a commercial perspective on coaching, readying you to work with corporates, boards, and senior leaders
  • Understand the fundamentals of starting a coaching business. CCI helps participants build a unique brand to attract clients
  • Learn how to harness the power of social media. Our peer to peer learning modules allow you to learn from those who already have their own thriving coaching businesses

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