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Who are In Touch?

Home to global business leaders, advisory board members, influencers, and consultants. In Touch delivers first-class contemporary learning opportunities, state of the art events, world-class online coaching and we also bring you the latest opportunities for progression – all in one place.


Developing exceptional board talent



Our membership provides you with the latest opportunities, training, coaching, and networking events to help you succeed at board-level. Maximize your executive presence by developing authentic personal brand collateral with our award-winning resume writing team.

Personal Development

Whether you are looking for career clarity and support or training on a particular skill we will work with you to customize a route that maximizes your opportunities while equipping you to deal with real world leadership and management challenges.

Board Development

In Touch partners with multinational organizations to enhance and improve their leaders and managers globally. Our network gives businesses access to our extensive pool of leading Advisory Board Members and Executives. Delivering leadership and board-level training collaboratively with you to facilitate your organization's growth.

Why use In Touch?

Connect with established organizations

Each membership package unlocks a wealth of bespoke tools and resources designed to assist you as a senior-level professional to transition to the next stage of your career. As soon as you register an online profile will be activated, showcasing your skills and experience to thousands of organizations.

Learn anytime, anywhere

The process of entering the boardroom as an advisory board, board of director or consultant necessitates clear planning, confidence, and tailored collateral. Our ILM-7 accredited executive coaches and brand specialists ensure you can seamlessly transition to a new career at an accelerated pace.

Enabling business growth

Thousands of organizations have leveraged the In Touch platform to hire exceptional board members for free. Our unique process enables you to connect and contact professionals from our diverse membership base without the use of recruiters. 

Businesses can also tap into our acclaimed board development and coaching services to ensure their leaders can deliver results and tackle new challenges head-on.

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