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The results have been phenomenal, I receive relevant notices for my profile, these include private placements by head hunters as well as advertised roles. As a successful CEO and Entrepreneur we as a breed are not the easiest to please, I have been delighted with my investment in the network and would not hesitate to highly recommend you do the same.

Alan Ball
Network Member

I get loads of Non Executive Directorship opportunities from the network. You offer one hell of a service. You are also incredibly helpful and supportive with just about any query at any time. So very very high praise indeed, and a huge amount of gratitude.

Edward Wood
Network Member

I had set myself the goal of securing an NED role by the end of 2016 and the Non-Executive Directors network has been a great help in helping me achieve that goal, with its daily updates and helpful forum.

Claire Singers
Network Member

I would like to congratulate you for the excellent series of training videos on the role of a Non-Executive Director. I liked the approach and the way you unfolded different aspects of the role. It was a very informative and interesting training with practical elements, which top executives sometimes ignore. I look forward to the next series of training.

Med Buck
Network Member

I was very impressed with the team's professionalism and grasp of how to get me back on track. You showed initiative, patience and skill.

Paul Le Claire
Network Member

I am making some progress, enjoying the journey and slowly carving out new things to be doing in my ‘semi-retired’ status on top of existing Associateships. Thank you – I’m finding out about opportunities I wouldn’t see easily anywhere else.

Jane Phillipson
Network Member

Excellent service from In Touch Networks, had plenty of applicants interested in the Chair role for free. Thanks for your help.

Elaine Campbell

Super efficient and professional service from start to finish! The customer care team is the epitome of excellent customer service; polite, helpful and responsive.

Kailash Kumari
Network Member

Thank you to you and your team for putting on the evening. You covered a lot of ground. Your presentation in particular was refreshingly clear and well presented with clarity of content and speech.

Peter Ryding
Network Member

I want to express how impressed and appreciative I am with the support I have received. It has been invaluable. Your warm and encouraging yet impartial advice has been of great value to me.

Alex Fornal
Network Member

Excellent event particularly for someone like myself who will be completely new to the role. Also liked the tips for example focus on the end game, awareness of legal duties and being clear about personal development goals.

Paul Stocks
Network Member

I am new to the network; I found the 3 modules presentation very useful, certainly has made me more aware of expectations and the modern approach for CV creation. Thanks, much appreciated.

Kulwant Chahal
Network Member

Good overall strategic approach suggested, with useful insights

Paul Hodgson
Network Member

“I found the opening module extremely thought provoking and therefore of high value. I was a aware of the broad risks involved but you have helped me to question and challenge my aspirations and motivations.”

Nick Cottam
Network Member