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We are experts in bringing elite professionals and employers together. We have revolutionised how companies hire board members and senior freelance professionals by eliminating recruitment costs from the process. Our members have access to the best jobs, the best training and all the tools they need for a successful career, while employers can list jobs and connect directly with the best talent, completely free of charge.

In Touch Networks is a Deloitte-awarding-winning company, recognised as one of the fastest growing technology businesses in Europe. Take a look at our market-leading sites:


The world's largest online network of elite non-executive directors, where employers can browse and search personal profiles and directly contact talented candidates.

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The Consultant Hub is the ideal place for contractors, freelancers and consultants to showcase their skills and find new engagements.

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The Finance Director Network gives Finance Directors and businesses a common platform to connect. It is an exclusive online network geared at helping businesses find expert Financial Directors in all sectors at no cost.

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Looking to grow, diversify or change?
BusinessTransformation.com is a revolutionary new problem-solving service for companies planning significant and critical changes.

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Want to add more women directors to your board? Post opportunities and connect with fantastic candidates on WomenDirectors.com, the leading online network of its kind.

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Post investment opportunities for free on InvestorDirector.com, an online platform that connects companies seeking investment with individuals looking for investment opportunities.

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