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Marina Nicholas

Multi-award winning Business Advisor

Main Industry: Consultancy
South East / United Kingdom


An innovative results focused business leader whose analytical insights bring clarity to Boards, enabling the easy identification and rectification of constraints in existing business models. Marina has spent +25 years working with companies from start-ups to large corporates across sectors and industries. These experiences have equipped her with the expertise required to advise in the driving of business model innovation, taking of disruptive products to market and the designing and implementing of strategies.

Marina is now looking for select opportunities to add to her portfolio of Non-Executive appointments. She is particularly enthused by the prospect of leveraging her experience to advise companies of all sizes across sectors and industries. Companies looking to drive business growth through innovation of product, business models or strategies will find solace in Marina’s expertise. 

✓ Driving Commercial Growth ✓ Strategic Partnerships ✓ Business Development ✓ Designing & Implementing Strategies ✓ Start-Ups ✓ Executive Coaching ✓ Business Model Innovation ✓ Taking Products to Market ✓ Fundraising


  • Set up and Co-Founded a new UK ventures business unit for global technology consultancy company, ThoughtWorks. Within 12 months the new services generated $8m revenue.
  • Designed the ThoughtWorks Ventures strategy that served as a blueprint for ThoughtWorks' global operations.
  • Worked as the advisor to the Managing Director of Co-op Ventures to establish potential new markets and products for Co-op to enter. Within 4 weeks, the MD was armed with a robust business model for building and acquiring innovative tech products and companies and an Executive Board pitch deck. This resulted in ventures into the healthcare market with acquisition of Dimec.
  • Part of the Executive team to build, grow and scale MBNA's European business. MBNA Europe grew to 4000+ people. In 2016, Lloyds Banking Group acquired MBNA/Bank of America for £1.9bn.
  • Part of team of 3 to set up a new business unit for Lloyds Bank - Lloyds Bank Insurance Direct (LBID) - a new 60 person business unit within 3 months.
  • Supported in raising £500k from local councils within 2 months and responsible for the first ever motorsport crowdfunding campaign which raised $3.7m in 7 days. Other fund raising initiatives include £4m for an entertainment company and £1.5m for an EdTech company.

ADVISORY ROLES INCLUDE: ThoughtWorks , Co-op and STEP Today


Director for Formula Fun Entertainment

Nov 2008 - Present
Formula Fun Entertainment (FFE) is an award winning product development company. FFE invests in the research and development of new ideas. Collaborates with best in class partners to produce and distribute the products to new audiences. Works with joint venture partners with a truly global footprint ensuring the products reach and add value to people worldwide. The company has won several awards for it's innovative products and strategic thinking.

Strategic Consultant for Various clients

Jan 2008 - Present

I have successfully advised businesses across multiple sectors. I delight in the knowledge that I can inspire, educate and transform businesses using my skills. Focus on strategic business development, joint venture partnerships and leadership development.

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Director of Strategy ThoughtWorks Ventures for ThoughtWorks

Jan 2017 - Oct 2018

In 2017, ThoughtWorks UK sought to set up a new business unit - ThoughtWorks Ventures - to tap into three interconnected megatrends: the increase in trade between UK and China, the significant growth in technology start-ups entering a crowded market, and the digital transformation of cities and communities. 

Responsible for establishing and executing strategy to build new products, build a team and the strategic partnerships within three new ecosystems to maximize success. Within 12 months, ThoughtWorks Ventures generated $8m revenue and the business model has been adopted by ThoughtWorks globally.

Management Consultant for MBNA

Jan 1994 - Dec 2004
MBNA is the largest independent credit card issuer. When the parent companysough to launch a European division of it's US business, I formed part of the Start Up team working across various business areas including telemarketing, affinity marketing, internet marketing, retail credit and consumer banking. During the 11 years, the company grew to 2000+ people with branches in Spain & Ireland.


Best New Product

Jul 2017
Won award from 80 global entrants. Awarded by panel of industry experts incl. BBC, Mattel atCannes TV Festival

International Business Woman of the Year

Jul 2017
Awarded by Barclays Bank and UK Trade & Investment

Start Ups Award

Jul 2017
New business set up recognised as innovative Start Up business

UK Start Ups Women in Business Award

Jul 2017
National award

Revealing the most common reasons why start ups fail and how to avoid them

Oct 2017
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