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Enabling Business Growth

Whether you’re looking to enhance the skills and cohesion of your leadership team or acquire new talent to your board, In Touch can help. We’ll support the growth and success of your business through award-winning coaching and free and unlimited access to exceptional business leaders.

Build A Board For The Future

No remuneration fees – Unlike recruitment agencies, we provide a more efficient, focused, and direct service, allowing you to approach candidates directly without remuneration fees.

The best talent – Our candidates have the same goal: to share their expertise and skills. Our elite membership of senior professionals are engaged, driven, and ready to make a difference.

Appoint multiple candidates – Businesses can acquire multiple candidates and what’s more, there’s no fee.

Advisory Services – Our team is here to support your unique requirements and business needs, offering board evaluations and advisory services to maximize your board’s potential.

Strengthen Your Leadership Team

Facilitated by widely recognized educators, award-winning business people, and best-selling authors, our leadership, coaching, and development programs will guide your business to success. Incorporating team workshops and one-to-one executive coaching, our specialized programs will help your board and leadership teamwork more collaboratively and creatively. 

"Seamless Process"

“I was looking to build an advisory board for my company and had struggled with alternative solutions. In Touch made this a very seamless process. I posted my vacancy and began receiving inbounds of highly qualified candidates,  it saved me a tremendous amount of time.  I  found a great fit with two In Touch members and have our first board-room meeting tomorrow!”

Tom Marren | Founder

Tom Marren

Supporting Female Leaders - AstraZeneca

Multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, have a global Inclusion & Diversity strategy which emphasizes the importance of inclusive leadership. In Touch was engaged to bring the firm’s L&D vision to life.

By creating a bespoke set of coaching and development interactions, In Touch helped AstraZeneca to buck the trend seen in the majority of other FTSE100 companies, supporting women in the pursuit of leadership positions.