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In Touch works with multinational organizations to enhance and improve their leaders, boards, and senior teams. We create bespoke leadership development programs that incorporate team workshops and one-to-one executive coaching.

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Our Coaching Services

Team Coaching

Strengthen Your Team

Team Coaching is designed for those who work within a team. By identifying different personalities and enabling the team to recognize their own strengths and limitations.

Leader As Coach

Coaching Endorsement

Leader as Coach offers senior professionals the opportunity to add coaching techniques to their professional skills base to lead with insight and clarity.

Women As Leaders

Leadership coaching

Women As Leaders provides the self-awareness and tools to help women grow their confidence, identify big picture opportunities, seek advancement by taking on more responsibilities and ultimately gain earned promotion.

Executive Coaching

Personalized One2One Coaching

One2One Executive coaching allows senior leaders to strengthen their skills, gain new momentum and drive positive change across their organizations.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is designed to strengthen and develop your team in just 3 months. By identifying different personalities and enabling the team to recognize their own strengths and limitations, Team Coaching with RTC can vastly improve your team’s skills, camaraderie, loyalty, commitment, and productivity. With teams facing fresh challenges around remote working, restructuring, and market pressures, Team Coaching could be invaluable in ensuring you have a cohesive, collaborative, and motivated team.

Team Coaching

Personalized One2One Coaching

The current business climate is tougher than ever before with many organizations and senior leaders facing unprecedented challenges. Our personalized one-to-one coaching will set your leaders on a pathway to success, where their influence and new-found momentum will make a real difference across your organization. Strong leaders influence the profitability and productivity of their teams, leading by example, especially in challenging times, Coach, client, and stakeholder work together to create a bespoke coaching plan with measurable outcomes, designed to improve leadership effectiveness.

"the understanding and tools for a smoother transition"

“Participating in the Ahead of the Curve Program not only enabled me to network with a group of very interesting people, but it provided the understanding and tools for a smoother transition from an executive to a board position.”

Thomas Ginschel | Advisory Board

Thomas Ginschel