Discover a better approach with our recruitment events

Find, appoint and employ your next leader to your business’ board from a premium selection of top executives and non-execs.

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You’ll find far more than the typical search when recruiting with In Touch Networks. We’re able to work with any organisation – whether looking for a single recruit or to place multiple roles across the business – and create an event that will deliver the best results. Our recruitment events can be tailored to suit the prospective employer, but we’ve outlined the process of two sample events for you below.

Recruitment Workshop

  • Create an effective talent spec
  • Data mine and shortlist from our resource pool
  • Invite shortlisted candidates to Open Day in Manchester
  • Present your organisation to resulting attendees
  • Follow presentation with round table meet and greet
  • Draft further shortlist of interested parties
  • We proceed to engage with your final shortlist draft

Company Recruitment Process

  • Around 50 – 100 candidates are chosen
  • Event planning: promoting who you are, what you do and your future plans
  • Position briefs to be presented to attendees followed by interest feedback
  • A more formal event in Manchester to follow for networking with applicants
  • Finalise your shortlist for In Touch to approach