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For this blog in the Why I Love In Touch series, we are joined by two of our Sales Executives, Daniel Lee and Paul Berry. They share with us why they look forward to being on the sales floor every day and why they’d recommend an In Touch career to anyone.


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The In Touch salesfloor is a fantastic place to be, with a diverse team of employees that all contribute to the success of the business and love what they do. For this blog in the Why I Love In Touch series, we are joined by two of our Sales Executives, Daniel Lee and Paul Berry. They share with us why they look forward to being on the salesfloor every day and why they’d recommend an In Touch career to anyone:

In Touch: Can you introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve been at In Touch?

Paul Berry: My name is Paul Berry and I’ve worked at In Touch for 5 years.

Daniel Lee: My name is Daniel Lee, I’ve been at In Touch for just over a year.

In Touch: What are your roles and responsibilities on the sales floor?

PB: My responsibilities include introducing prospects to the network and finding ways we can support them. It’s my duty to ensure that there is a good synergy between the client and our services and that they leave the call with me knowing what they want for their professional development.

DL: I work within the engagement department. My main responsibility is working with our existing members and supporting them with their professional development which includes areas such as personal branding, CV support and training courses.

In Touch: What support have you received from the business that has helped you to excel in your role?

PB: Every time there is a new product released, we have product training sessions. These are very helpful for knowing what these products do and understanding how to excel at sharing the benefits with our members.

DL: There is a lot of planning with regards to each person’s position on the sales floor. Each person has different targets to hit, so there is a lot of leadership from senior management on how you can best use your strengths and weaknesses. They don’t look at you like you’re just a number, you are an individual contributing to the team.

In Touch: Is there any particular people in the business who’ve helped you?

PB: Everybody has helped me really, we all support each other like one big family. Even though someone may have a more senior title, it doesn’t feel like we are treated any differently. Matthew Roberts (CEO), David Wheatcroft (SD) and Karlie Jelly (MD) have all been very supportive.

DL: Matthew Jones, who is one of our Sales Directors, he’s probably been one of the most influential people here for me. He is very cool, calm and level-headed, I’ve really learned a lot from him.

In Touch: What do you enjoy most about working on our sales floor?

PB: The best aspect for me is the people. We’re a great team, we all get on well together and we all support each other. There are so many opportunities to get to know everyone and spend time together. We have team bonding exercises, we get time at lunch to socialise in our Lawn Club. We’re here more than we are at home so it’s important to get on well with everybody.

DL: When you picture a salesfloor there is often that negative stereotype, like a boiler-room, Wolf of Wall Street environment and In Touch is nothing like that. One of the things that is infectious about our sales floor is the atmosphere. Everyone is upbeat and positive because if you’re negative it starts to affect the way that you perform. The people are a big part of the reason I keep coming into work every day.

In Touch: What three pieces of advice would you give to someone that’s looking to join the In Touch sales team?

PB: Integrate yourself with everybody, we’re a very friendly bunch so there’s no need to be scared. It’s a very fun environment so don’t take things too seriously. You just have to get involved with everybody and enjoy it. Lastly, I’d say be open to learning new things. Every day is a school day here there are always new things to learn and people you can learn from.

DL: Come with an open mind, the position you are hired for is not necessarily the position that you will fall into for long. The great thing about In Touch is that they really take the time to understand your skillset, help you to grow and then help you move into a more senior position. Be prepared to learn some new skills. Make sure you come to work with a positive attitude. If you come into the office and take things a little bit too seriously it can really affect the way that you perform.

In Touch: What 3 qualities do you think makes a great salesperson?

PB: Tenacity, willingness to learn and the ability to get involved with everything that goes on in the business.

DL: Confidence, 100%. Listening, this is one thing especially that I’ve developed whilst I’ve been at In Touch. Being a good listener is all about taking the time to listen to what the customer needs. Lastly, you have to be tenacious. Even if you get let down on a call, you have to keep going and you have to keep pushing to be at your best.

We are always on the lookout for ambitious and passionate individuals to join our sales team. Interested in learning more about the role? Click here to view the full job description and apply.

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