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Ryan Patterson has been part of the In Touch team since January 2018. Since joining the business he has seen tremendous growth from his first role on the sales team to being part of the Business Services team engaging American businesses and customers in preparation for our business’s expansion to the US. Read his story


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In January 2018, Ryan attended an interview at In Touch in pursuit of a role that would offer more variety, challenges and rewards. During the interview he learned about the business and what his role as Membership Manager would entail. He felt like In Touch could be the right place for him, so returned to his old office and handed his noticed in the very same day.

Ryan has now been part of the In Touch team for almost a year and has seen a significant amount of career development. Originally starting out as a Membership Manager on our sales team, he was responsible for selling the benefits of a membership to customers. He then moved to our Jobs team with a core focus on sourcing the best boardroom talent for businesses and exclusive roles for members. In his latest role, Ryan is part of our Business Services team and responsible for engaging American businesses and customers in preparation for our business’s expansion to the US.

As part of this role, Ryan has been given the opportunity to form the first part of our new team in the US. We caught up with Ryan to learn more about his experience with the business and why he’d recommend a career with In Touch.

How long have you been at In Touch?

“It’s just three weeks off a year now since I started my In Touch career as a Membership Manager selling the benefits of a membership to our potential customers. I really enjoyed my first role, I learnt all about the business and the services our network delivers. The training I received from the management team really helped me to understand everything.”

Which teams have you worked within at Touch and what were your responsibilities?

“After three months of being a Membership Manager, I was promoted to the jobs team. My first role on there entailed a lot of admin, posting roles that our members see, as well as speaking to businesses who recruit from us. My role then developed and became a lot more sales focused in terms of B2B. Now I work with a lot of North American clients that come to us as well as a big majority of the UK ones. I speak with them, I understand what their needs are and help them to either secure a role through us or to source talent for their business.”

How did you find the transition between those different roles?

“It was a bit daunting at first, my background was always in sales, so I didn’t have much experience in B2B, It was really good for me to go onto the jobs team and learn from the management team about the different types of role our potential customers are looking for and how I should be articulating the benefits to them.”

Did you receive a lot of support from the business?

“Yes, the development for me in the business is fantastic. I genuinely don’t think I’d be the salesperson I am today if I hadn’t worked under the people that I did. One of the best things the business did for me was getting a professional development coach (Dominic Knight) to come in. It was an insightful experience because Dominic is well trained and knows what he is talking about. Some of the skills were as simple as stop talking and listen, two ears one mouth, but you forget how important it is to have skills like that.”

What do you enjoy most about working at In Touch?

“I’d say the support that you are given from management. Whether it be from our CEO Matt Roberts who looks at your key skills and abilities and finds areas of the business where you’d be a great fit or from the managers who constantly want you to evolve. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my managers coaching and mentoring me and I definitely wouldn’t be going to the US to build out a team at 23 years-old without them.”

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to a new starter at In Touch?

“First, I’d say stick it out. It can be tough learning about so many different areas at one time, especially in executive and non-executive recruitment, but if you stick at it for long enough, you’ll be successful. The second piece of advice is to ask for as much help as you can possibly get. Everyone in the business will happily speak to you and coach you. My final piece of advice is don’t take yourself too seriously, the quicker that you allow yourself to relax and become part of the team, the easier it is.”

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