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Our partners Business Doctors share their perspective into why becoming a Business Doctor could be a suitable career choice for someone considering a NED career path



Unlocking potential for SMEs

Everyone loves a challenge – this is what leads a lot of successful business people to become a non-executive director. However, we think that becoming a Business Doctor is a just as rewarding career choice.

Here’s why…

For many, targeting a NED position is the next step after years in business. It’s something to cap the CV, a new goal and something to give renewed focus. Whether it’s paid or not, sitting on a board of directors is a position of responsibility and with it comes prestige and respect.

However, lets focus on the positives and why people look for such challenges.

For starters, it’s in the blood. Doing business, giving advice, making positive change and improving systems, processes and organisational thinking helps people. That increases efficiencies and boosts profits. It’s just one of many reasons why people are in business.

SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy

There are plenty of opportunities out there for individuals looking for such challenges. In the UK, there are over five million private businesses in operation.

However, research from the House of Commons business statistics site shows that only 1% of these private businesses are large (i.e. over 250 employees, or with a turnover of more than £50m) These tend to be the companies that have active boards with directors to assess progress, develop polices and appoint senior personnel.

This means that 99% (some 5.6m UK businesses) are described as SMEs. It is a crucial situation though because, although the net number of firms is growing, each year many fail and cease trading.

We provide you the opportunity to support them.

How can Business Doctors help?

Dig deeper into the available statistics and you’ll find that the number of young entrepreneurs is increasing, especially in the 20-29 age range.

What does this mean? Although anyone prepared to start a business should be applauded, younger business people often need a helping hand.

Seasoned business professionals have much to offer. Whether that’s having been within the industry working for a multi-national company, switching between sectors to gain maximum experience, or successfully running an SME – it’s a valuable source of advice, insight and understanding.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for entrepreneurs is growing their business and taking things to the next level. With a track record of our Business Doctors doing just that, this is where we make a difference for SMEs.

What makes us stand out?

We’re not consultants – we’re business people with hands-on expertise and that’s not limited to specific market sectors; Business Doctors apply core principles to unique situations that enable people to identify and achieve their goals.

There’s no hard sell. We ask people “why” they are in business and what they want to achieve. Then we help them form a strategy that delivers. Ultimately, we add value.

What will Business Doctors offer you?

Business Doctors isn’t a random collection of individuals. We are likeminded, high-calibre business people that share the same values and approach to business.

Through our partnership with In Touch we meet people who are not only looking for the next challenge, they are ready for it. There’s a shared passion for business and making a real difference. There’s a desire to pass on knowledge gained from working in larger businesses to help SMEs fast-track their own growth.

We’re here to make a difference. Our goal is to support the biggest contributors to UK growth – SME business owners. The Business Doctors brand provides a framework that helps align years of experience with the business needs and personal aspirations of entrepreneurs.

We help you build trust and create conversations that lead to positive outcomes for business owners. Our well-established continuous training and development opportunities will get you started with classroom, in the field and online webinars to give ongoing support. Then regional and national events ensure that you develop with the Business Doctors team.

If wanting to actively help a range of SMEs is the kind of challenge you’re looking for, Business Doctors could be the perfect match for you.

To find out more about the opportunities offered by Business Doctors get in touch. Contact: 01744 833778


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