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Kevin Clifford joined the NHS 42 years ago and quickly progressed from operational, locally-focussed management to senior strategic leadership. Throughout his successful career Kevin has been Chief Nurse at Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, Chief Operating Officer at Sheffield Primary Care Trust and in 2018 was awarded an OBE.

After retiring from the NHS in 2016 and joining In Touch in 2017, Kevin has spent this time developing his portfolio career by embarking on three non-executive roles.

Kevin spoke to In Touch about how he built his portfolio career and how our acclaimed development programme, Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) has helped him continue to thrive as a non-executive director. Read on to find out more.

Why did Kevin choose In Touch?

Kevin’s dedication to learning led him to choose In Touch to advance his portfolio career: ‘I worked for many years on my own professional development and In Touch, and Ahead of the Curve, seemed like a logical step to provide me with the tools and guidance to take a new perspective on becoming a non-executive director’. He discovered the network at what seemed like an opportune time, adding ‘The AOTC course seemed to fit perfectly with where I was at in my career.’

What were Kevins experiences on the network?

Almost immediately, Kevin realised that AOTC would be massively useful in his professional life: ‘In an early session we discussed emotional intelligence and happily, the next day I hosted a programme which included emotional intelligence to a University I work for. The material covered is absolutely current and relevant for both experienced non-executives and aspiring non-executives.’

Kevin was also offered the chance to draw on his experience as a mentor, and was invited to contribute a session on the AOTC calls for recent cohorts . He recounts, ‘I reflected on my experiences as a non-executive so far. It was very rewarding to be able to guide others on the course,’ and citing the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others as a major positive of the programme.

Further to this, the chance to assess non executive concepts and behaviours from others’ perspectives was something Kevin enjoyed: ‘You had a group of people with different perspectives, from different professions and sectors, all talking about their experience of theoretical and academic concepts. The different viewpoints, and the way these allowed new insights on ideas, was most rewarding’.

When talking about his CV rewrite, Kevin applauds the service. ‘My new non-executive CV is fantastic. Rather than simply listing my past roles, it really positions me as an experienced portfolio professional and it highlights the skills that I have which are vital to a non-executive.’

Kevin is confident that his new CV will boost his chances of landing his next non-executive role ‘I feel like I have been portrayed in a new light and hopefully this will make me stand out moving forward. I really can’t recommend the In Touch Writing Services team highly enough.’

What did Kevin take away from AOTC?

The webinar format allows a vast array of people to take part and share their experiences;

it helped to share my skills and also utilize other people’s as well.’ Kevin also found the ‘networking side invaluable’, adding that, ‘The crossover between the networking and the content that makes this work so well’.

The relationships forged on the webinar programme have lasted: ‘In the first year after AOTC, those of us from the North of England met up for lunch and shared our experiences and where we were up to. That, for me, is a really value added aspect.’

What next for Kevin?

As Kevin reflects on the goals he set when he joined the network, he certainly feels in a position to move into different industries and further paid roles:

‘I feel like everything is coming to fruition. I always thought that I would continue to pursue work within the NHS however, I feel that I am totally equipped to broaden my horizons and look for new challenges.’

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