Member Success Story: Elisa Campanaro

In our latest member success story, Elisa Campanaro describes how In Touch helped her forge a portfolio career in the UK, having left behind her native Canada


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Elisa Campanaro is recognised as an inspiring, highly collaborative and results driven leader. Elisa works primarily in organisational transformation however though her expertise includes change management, HR, marketing and employee engagement. 

Elisa’s vast professional experience encompassed four non-executive roles in Canada, before she relocated to the UK with her Scottish husband. Elisa discusses how joining In Touch in May 2019 helped her to start building a portfolio career in a new country and the many ways in which the network was the obvious choice for her.

What is Elisa’s background and how did this lead her to In Touch?

 After Elisa relocated from Canada to Scotland, she had few contacts locally and needed support in her transition to a non-executive career in the UK. Elisa researched organisations that could support her during this time; this is when she discovered In Touch. She says:

‘When I looked at other providers they didn’t seem to have the depth of offering or variety of services and resources that In Touch did.’ 

 Even though Elisa had plenty of experience as a non-executive in Canada, what she really liked is that In Touch gave her an insight into the specifics of a UK non-executive career, such as corporate governance, language used at board level and official documentation.

 Elisa ultimately chose In Touch due to its broad set of tools that work for a diverse member base meaning there is always something of interest.

 How did Elisa rate the CV writing service?

 Elisa found In Touch’s expert writing services was undoubtedly an incredibly valuable aspect of the network. Due to her diverse professional background, Elisa felt it would be a difficult task to pull together a comprehensive yet specialist non-executive CV by herself. Despite having seen numerous CVs in her executive career, she realised that an entirely different approach would be needed to create a document which demonstrated how her skills and experience could be transferred to non-executive roles.

 She landed an interview through the network and, even though she wasn’t successful in securing the role, Elisa credits the CV and In Touch with providing a new-found confidence to apply for posts. Elisa continues to receive fantastic feedback on her new CV and applauds how versatile and useful the document is. She adds: ‘It can be adapted for different requirements; I am able to vary the CV and create specific cover letters for every role’.

Elisa went on to secure a role for Blue Triangle Housing Association in July 2019 and then in September, secured her second role, being accepted to the board of Southside Factoring & Related Services.

On securing these roles, Elisa says: ‘The structure, resources and personal attention of In Touch made it easy to focus my effort and connect the dots for these organisations to see the non-executive potential in me.’

 What does Elisa find most useful about the network?

The learning and development, webinars, blogs, coaching and extensive resources prove to be of constant support and value to Elisa. She found In Touch’s On Demand video content incredibly useful, and one topic in particular : ‘The personal branding course helped me tremendously, as this is not something I had ever researched before’.

 Having spent most of her professional life in Canada, the resources on the network were a massive boon, allowing her a deep insight and understanding into many aspects of the UK business world which would have otherwise remained a mystery.

 Elisa describes the ongoing value of the portal and its resources to her: ‘I complete at least one course a week to keep myself refreshed on where I need to be and what I need to be doing. The CPD training points are an added bonus for me too.’ 

 Elisa describes the network as her ‘ Non-executive encyclopedia’, and explains that she uses all the tools available to her in order to build her personal brand, knowledge and skill set. She looks forward to dedicating more time to the ‘endless networking opportunities’ that In Touch has to offer and is currently putting to good use all she has learnt on the network during the interview process.

Having changed her approach to her career and secured two roles, Elisa credits the ‘superlative team at In Touch’ with helping her achieve success.



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