Member Success Story: Alice Morgan

Discover how In Touch member and director of ALTA Digital, Alice Morgan, began to pursue her path to a portfolio career.


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After a successful career in the marketing industry, In Touch member and director of ALTA Digital, Alice Morgan decided to begin her path to a portfolio career at the suggestion of a trusted mentor. 

From the very beginning of her career, Alice has worked with a variety of automotive giants including Vauxhall, Citroen and Peugeot, amassing extensive experience in governance, digital marketing and messaging. After becoming a freelance marketing contractor and consultant, in 2004 Alice joined forces with a former client to found ALTA Digital - a digital marketing collective that delivers thoughtful, strategic digital marketing solutions for a variety of businesses nationally and globally.

Alice spoke to us about her decision to undertake coaching with In Touch, what she learnt from the process and what the future holds.

Why did Alice join In Touch?

Alice discovered In Touch via LinkedIn earlier this year and, eager to discover the opportunities a non-executive career holds, she joined our Accelerator coaching programme. Accelerator provides expert guidance and advice from an accredited In Touch coach, who offers a collaborative and reflective programme of coaching to give insight, clarity and direction on how best the client can take their career to the next level.

After the coaching session is complete, the coach provides a bespoke, comprehensive action plan detailing the key takeaways and setting out what actions and behaviours are needed to ensure the participant builds on the coaching experience to accelerate their career.

Alice was matched with In Touch executive coach, Richard Davies, whose own experience as a non-executive allows him an insider view on how to make the leap to the board room. Describing Richard as “extremely supportive”, Alice found real value in the coaching session and some hugely positive takeaways:

Richard’s input helped Alice to recognise the existing synergy between her own experience and the roles and responsibilities of a non-executive director. She says:

“It really helped me to identify those transferable skills that I already possess; I now know that I could make a really valuable contribution to any board.”

Accelerator also gave Alice further direction and clarity as to whether a non-executive role was the right path to pursue, especially after a substantial and successful career in consultancy. The process provided not only a skills audit but also a reflective overview of Alice’s stellar career, which – combined – made the appeal of a portfolio career even stronger.

As part of the process, Alice also received a CV and LinkedIn review from In Touch’s expert in-house writing team, which ensured her collateral and personal brand were consistent and reflected the value she could offer in a non-exec role.

The course ensures that participants receive a clear, concise and actionable plan designed to provide quantifiable goals and milestones. Richard’s tailored document set out a strategy for moving towards non-executive and portfolio roles, along with methods for Alice to use to progress her boardroom skills and knowledge and to support her in job applications and interview. 

What’s next for Alice?

Although hugely interested in the opportunities a non-executive career can bring, especially the flexibility and work-life balance it can afford, Alice is currently concentrating on her own extremely busy digital consultancy business. However, she does feel ready and equipped to pursue an independent director’s role once the time is right:

“I have my action plan ready for me to look at again. It provides me with confidence to progress through to a non-executive career, and I plan to be picking this back up again next year.”

By attending networking events and joining groups containing other aspiring board members and peers, Alice is laying impressive groundwork for a successful portfolio of roles and has her sights firmly set on a future non-executive career.

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